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Beanfield / the basic

New Design / introducing The Basic – a straightforward shirt featuring the Beanfield stamp icon and logotype – a brand essential look.


a fifth generation Bostonian

Grown in Boston, a generational affair.  In a time when true neighborhood roots are rare and families are scattered ( seeing each other only on holidays and at funerals ), it is great to see the next generation of Bostonians living only blocks from where their grandparents grew up and reside.

If I have seen further…remember where you come from.

If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants – Newton

I have always loved this quote because it is open to broad interpretation. Some might see it as inspiration gained from famous people they look up to.  I look at this quote and think of all of the regular, unheralded seemingly “little” giants who have had the greatest impact on my life – people who have taught,  inspired, amazed and stood by me.

Thanks giants – I owe this view to you.