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Beanfield on the Road / Boston in Austin

Boston in Austin / @ Austin City Limits

Gary recently photographed at Austin City Limits. Looks like the shirts are making it way beyond the Boston City limits.  Texas Takeover.

Boston in Austin / Austin City Limits

Boston in Austin / Austin City Limits

Oh, you are from Boston too?

I guess Bostonians should be flattered when every person in Massachusetts claims to be “from Boston” – although I would like to see them have to deal with our schools, parking, un-plowed streets and traffic.


Circa 1992 / The Champion is coming back.


Beanfield / Vacation. Guitars and baby monitors.


Beanfield / summer nights, well spent.


The baseball – poor, the company – awesome, the setting – perfect. A summer night at Fenway with family and friends…man it’s great to live Boston.

university shirts are in

Beanfield University, teaching
street smarts and common sense
since 1630. Still the best
education that money can’t buy.