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Beanfield / grown in boston and coming to your neighborhood, main streets, and back alleys.


Beanfield online store . . . coming soon

Beanfield / Boston Accent Shirt

Beanfield / Boston Accent Shirt

Stay tuned for our new online ordering portal – coming soon along with new designs and women’s sizes.

Beanfield / grown in boston

knitting . . . Boston Style


Think knitting is all about tired blankets and scarfs? A talented family member just made this amazing Boston Bruins Blanket. Go B’s!

Irish Social Club of Boston


Good times, good friends, pipes and drums.

Happy New Year…

You are a Bostonian, and already have a leg up on everyone else in 2013.

Happy New Year, big things, new designs and online ordering coming in the new year.

Be safe tonight. Beanfield.