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roots. always proud.


This year, a portion of all proceeds will be going to support

anthony, the market is open.

boston tee sirts

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online store is now live.


the online store is finally live and Beanfield is starting to pop up around the city.
click the here for ordering and stay tuned for updates throughout the summer.
thanks friends

the 1630 – boston, older and better

coming soon

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boston’s finest . . .

Boston's Finest, Boston Police, Emerald Society, Beanfield, Boston t-shirt

Beanfield sighting at the Boston Police Emerald Society.
These guys put it all on the line to keep our city safe – thanks Gents!

all politics is local

As Tip said, “all politics is local”. The Boston Mayoral Race is getting interesting, and in a city where politics is big business, the field of candidates is ever-expanding. Consalvo, Conley, Connolly, and Walsh are in. Who will be next to jump into the mix? Gotta love this stuff.

Fox News Boston – City Councilor Rob Consalvo declares candidacy for mayor of Boston