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truth in advertising?…we’ll see

I have now officially received enough Boston Mayor and City Council campaign mailers to wallpaper all of my walls from floor to ceiling. With all of this money being spent on full color, glossy pamphlets, let’s hope that whoever wins will be as dedicated to “moving Boston forward”, “fixing schools”, and “making our streets safer” as they were to producing these slick marketing pieces. Heck, If they can accomplish even one of those those things, it will be a modern day miracle.

Fellow Bostonians, please remember to vote on September 24th.



the hoodies are coming, the hoodies are coming…

football, cold weather, and Beanfield hoodies…I love this time of year.
Available this fall at

beanfield hoodie

beanfield hoodie

but will this help Charlie get home?

I like option 1…what do you think?

boston magazine beanfield boston

boston magazine