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Beanfield roots

I began the Beanfield project after seeing the flood of “Boston” t-shirts that were selling the same message over and over again. You know the type.  They pair logos and slogans with every possible Boston sports theme, pile on the shamrocks, attach “wicked” to a phrase, then call it a day.

Being a lifelong Bostonian, I wanted to take a different approach. I thought about the proud history of our city, our neighborhood stories, peculiarities, place in pop culture, and national presence.  Then I set out to grow a brand that will celebrate all of these things, the things that true Bostonians can relate to, that give us a laugh, and make us proud.

With that, the seed was planted and Beanfield / grown in boston was born.

Do I have an overt pride in my Boston roots? You bet.

Is the idea for a true Boston brand somewhat insular and parochial? Probably, but so are we.

Thanks for the visit friend, see you around the neighborhood.


Beanfield™ / grown in boston

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