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5 Tips for New Bostonians…er Returning Students

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Congratulations Champ, you made it through a tough summer filled with part time jobs and parties at your parent’s house. Now you are ready to invade your dorm or student-filled neighborhood like Allston, Symphony, or Mission Hill – get settled, then hit the bars, I mean books.

Well before you run out to get your first “legal” beer, take a look at Beanfield’s 5 Tips for New Bostonians. What makes this list useful is that we are actually from Boston, and therefore know the difference between Roxbury and West Roxbury, and The South End and South Boston.

Here we go:

1: Really Explore the City. Boston is bigger than you think. Most college kids never make it to some of the cooler parts of the city because they run a rotation between Newbury Street, back to Brighton, then back to Lansdowne St. Get out of the routine and explore some of the neighborhoods that make Boston great like Charlestown, Jamaica Plain, The South End, Roslindale, and South Boston. Aside from awesome restaurants and shops, you will find top notch people and real Boston accents.

2: Grab a Map. While South Boston has made serious strides in dining and other categories in recent years, it is still distinctly different from The South End. Both neighborhoods have their own unique attributes and are worth repeat visits. We recommend a trip to Southie during the day for a walk around Castle Island and the Sugar Bowl, followed by dinner and drinks in the South End. Same goes for Roxbury and West Roxbury – each neighborhood has its own style, history, and characteristics.

3: Take it easy on St. Patrick’s Day. Look, we understand you have new-found freedom, and everyone wants to be Irish in the most Irish of American cities. However, after whacking down 5 Carbombs with your “bros”, nobody is going to want to kiss you, and you probably are not getting “lucky” – Irish or not. Believe it or not, there is a lot more to being Irish than tipping back some jars. The are plenty of places and people in Boston that can highlight the important role of the Irish in America and in our city.

4: Get a Slice. Boston is not New York – thank god. But you are bound to run into someone from NYC who will tell you that we have horrible bagels and even worse pizza. Usually after I get finished making fun of the Jets, their night crime rate, and horrible accents, I direct them to some of my favorite pizza joints across the city. All three are sure to please even your most annoying New York buddy. 1. Santarpios in East Boston. 2. Pizzeria Regina in The North End. 3. The Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale.

5. Take in a Game. I don’t care if you are from New York or Nova Scotia, some of the best places to rub elbows with real Bostonians are at Fenway Park, the Garden, and Gillette Stadium. In addition to learning a lot about what makes Boston such a passionate sports town, you will most likely meet a few people named Fitzy, Sully, or Walshy – and what is better than old time hockey?

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates and new designs from Beanfield – more Bostonian than your average brand.


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bostonia beanfield

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