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Posts tagged ‘neighborhood’

Beanfield / the accent

Have a thick Boston Accent?
Be proud of it.

Some people in business actually take classes to help lose their accents – like the ability to pronounce R’s determines your ability to excel in the workplace.




Beanfield / threes up

New Design. I recently incorporated the tripledecker icon into a Beanfield threes up design. You would be hard pressed to find a local that doesn’t recognize or identify with the iconic Boston triple decker house. From Roslindale to Dorchester this multifamily housing stack is truly a Boston original.

Neighborhood University / shirts coming soon

teaching street smarts and common sense since 1630. Neighborhood University Tee Shirt will be back from the printer soon.

Calling all “alumni”, contact tim@beanfieldboston.comfor more info and orders.

and miles to go before we sleep…

Great time at the 18th Annual Corrib Pub Road Race in West Roxbury last Sunday. Another example of local business and neighbors coming together for a good cause.

just “friended” by an old neighborhood guy

From the grimy streets of 1970’s underworld culture all the way to social media friend.

Beanfield / icon + logo

As we continue to build this brand, these two elements will be seen in all Beanfield designs. If there is an article to clothing or accessory that you would like to to see branded, just shoot a a message or idea. Thanks friends

Beanfield / the basic

New Design / introducing The Basic – a straightforward shirt featuring the Beanfield stamp icon and logotype – a brand essential look.